Salesroad Enterprise CRM Relationship Management System

SALESROAD is designed from the ground up as a Business Relationship Management system. Based on the premise that business is about people, it provides a ‘single’ view (no duplication) of people, roles and organizations and links them with contextual relationships.

How is that different to (say) CRM? Well B2B, in particular complex sales environments, is about people and relationships and CRM systems are unaware of both. They have ‘contacts’ rather than humans. For example, Mary Smith the CEO of ABC Ltd and a Director of XYZ Inc, is two contacts not a single person. And as for her trusted relationship with Bill Jones, there is simply no way to indicate that.

In SALESROAD, Mary is a single human being occupying two different roles who is linked to Bill by a trusted advisor relationship.

…so SALESROAD reflects the real world, the one you do business in.


‘People do business with people’ they say, but B2B systems are entirely organization-centric; Mary is of interest only in the context of being a contact for her organization, not as herself. SALESROAD sees People as human beings in their own right; a critical distinction in a world of social networks, which are of course about people…and to
which SALESROAD is the ideal interface for B2B.

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Projects provides a flexible management and communications framework for any goal oriented or time-bound activity; for example Marketing and Sales Campaigns, Product Installation and even Product Development. Project Resources are associated with Projects via context-sensitive Relationships that clearly illustrate roles and responsibilities..

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Positions & Roles

In SALESROAD, jobs/roles in Organizations e.g. CEO, CFO etc are Positions that are occupied by People just as they are in the real world. As people move between organizations, simply unrelate them from one Position and relate them to the next in a few mouse clicks. There’s no deleting or re-keying data and SALESROAD keeps track of all changes.

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Products & Services

Products and Services are Sales Items in Sales Opportunities and/or the descriptions of Assets. In addition, information about competitors’ products (or anyone else’s) may be managed in the same framework, providing a single reference source for everything to do with Products or Services..

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Organizations are collections of people (or more commonly Positions occupied by people). They may be formal entities such as companies, departments or more informal ‘virtual’ entities such project teams. Organizations may also be made up of other (related) entities e.g. as subsidiaries.

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Documents include Notes and Emails created in SALESROAD as well as documents created external to the system. All are managed in much the same way and may be related to any other Objects, many by default which provides many unique capabilities e.g. view documents and see the emails they have attached to, outbound or inbound.

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Relationship Capital

The network of people and organizations that represent your customers, partners, suppliers, employees etc, your Relationship Capital, is a significant asset.

SALESROAD enables you to quantify it by taking account of the power and influence of people you have a relationship with; the type and strength of relationships and the number of touch points between organizations.

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Activity Management

SALESROAD has Actions, Alerts, Notes, Email, Diaries etc that help you and your colleagues get things done. These items are automatically related to the SALESROAD Objects they are to do with and may be related to anything else you choose. Email, Calendars (and Contacts) can be synchronized with MS Outlook or GMail. A mobile app (SALESROAD Mobile) provides on the go access.

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Opportunities caters for simple or complex sales cycles from start to finish, maintaining details of Products or Services to be sold, Value, likely Close Date, Stage of the Sale, details of Organizations and People related to the Opportunity e.g. as Competitors or Influences and even the detailed strategy.

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Relate it!

Use SALESROAD’s most powerful feature to link (relate) objects with meaningful two-way relationships. For example, view Mary and click the icon; select Bill and the ‘introduced by’ relationship and that’s it! And SALESROAD automatically creates the reciprocal John ‘introduced’ Mary relationship too. Now whenever you view John or Mary you see their relationship. You can Relate any number of objects with as many relationships as you like.

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Assets are products or services that are owned, provided, rented or used by Organizations. Track items you sell to customers and even those supplied by your competitors and include relevant data such as purchase dates, costs, period of lease etc.Assets may be related to other objects e.g. financiers, support agencies etc and as a default
SALESROAD maintains a full ownership history.

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