ASSETS: Track the Products and Services you supply or use

…and anyone else’s!

Assets is a generic terms for Products or Services that are owned, provided, or used by Organizations. In fact, SALESROAD’s Relate it! function enables you to define any type of relationships between Assets and other Objects.

Obvious examples are recording who owns or uses Products or Services you or your distributors, competitors etc have supplied. However you can just as readily manage your own company Assets. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Assets may be associated with Organizations in a number of ways and they may easily be moved from one to another, for instance when they are sold. Asset functionality is invaluable in enabling you to get a total picture of your market share and positioning.

Keep track of who owns or uses what…and where they source it from.

Ownership History

Record ownership changes at the click of a mouse with SALESROAD maintaining a history of all changes. Tracking ownership and ageing assets is invaluable in identifying future sales opportunities. For example, industrial equipment coming off lease and due for replacement so you can commence your sales campaign well before competitors.

Asset Information

Record any information against an Asset, including purchase dates and costs and even the owner’s opinion of the item. This information is then easily accessed for marketing campaigns, reference checks (your’s and competitive products!).

Related Information

Use Relate it! to associate any information with an Asset including Sales Opportunities; Documents such as operating manuals and service histories; Projects (Jobs) performed on an item and so on. Even relate Assets to one another e.g. as component parts.