Secure Management of Documents and other Files

…and anyone else’s!

SALESROAD offers powerful document management functionality that fully exploits Relate! to enable documents to be related to (filed with) any Objects in SALESROAD.

Virtually any type of file, including web links, may be managed as a SALESROAD Document, which acts as a file “container”, an approach that provides many benefits in storing, finding and keeping track of files.

In fact, a SALESROAD Document doesn’t even need to contain a file; it may for example be used to provide directions to the location of hardcopy document and/or details of how it might be sourced. This may be as simple for example as a comment like ‘See Fred Smith for a copy’ (with a related link to Fred’s details).

Documents may be tagged with keywords. However, ‘relating’ them to whatever they are to do with reflects how we instinctively ‘file’ information in our heads, and provides an intuitive way to store and/or find Documents in SALESROAD.

Email Attachments

Email Attachments (incoming and outgoing) are treated as documents by SALESROAD and are filed as such with Senders and Recipients. Thanks to Relate it!, you can also tell which emails a given Document has been attached to.

Relate it!

Documents may be related to any Object via context-sensitve Relationships e.g. Proposal for, Resume for etc and Documents may also be related to each other.


Documents have the same Security attributes as other Objects in SALESROAD, which means that regardless of what a document might be related to (where it is filed), only Users with access to the Document Object will be able to access the file it contains.