OPPORTUNITIES: Increase Sales Effectiveness from Lead to Close

Plan and execute winning strategies from Sales Lead to close with SALESROAD Sales Opportunities. Exclusive Relate it! functionality ‘relates’ Opportunities to Campaigns, Influencers, Competitors, Distributors or whatever, for unlimited flexibility in how you manage and view them.

Assess competitive threats and even quantify revenue at risk. Review sales activity by any combination of Accounts, Markets, Products, Business Units etc.

Have quick access to all information relevant to an Opportunity including details of influencers (track record, who/what influences them), similar sales situations, competitors.

Relate it! is particularly relevant for large or complex sales where there’s a lot of ‘moving parts’ such as many influencers/buyers, competitors (and competitive information) and large sales teams. SALESROAD is the Total Relationship Management System; everything about anything is accessible from one place.

Itemize Sales Items

Opportunities can contain any quantity and mix of individual sales items (Products and Services).

Sales Stages

Define Sales Stages, each of which may be associated with a percentage Probability Factor to be applied in Sales Forecasts.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Sales items may have once-off or stage payments (e.g. monthly, quarterly etc) for more accurate forecasting. SALESROAD will even calculate payments for you. Ideal for Service Contracts and Subscriptions.

Pipeline Management

For any period both past and present and in any time increment showing both gross and factored revenue based on your defined probability factors. All forecast data is easily downloaded to spreadsheets for further analysis. Nominate different Revenue dates for individual Sales Items within an Opportunity.

Pipeline Analysis

Relate it! functionality enables entirely new ways to view sales opportunities and threats. Quantify risks by analyzing pipelines according to competitive threat or buyer/influencer relationships (e.g. business at risk from anti-sponsors), Campaigns etc. Quickly, access current and previous sales situations to identify potential sources of assistance and for background on influencers and decision makers.


Create templates or copy and then modify existing Opportunities to save re-keying information or to renew annuity Opportunities e.g. Subscriptions.

Sales/Marketing Campaigns

Manage Campaigns with SALESROAD Projects, relating all Resources and use Project Diaries linked to Personal Diaries to avoid things falling through the cracks.