Customers, Partners, Suppliers...any ORGANIZATION

Focus on exactly what you need to know about every organization of interest, regardless of who they are or what they do.

Profile Organizations using your own categorization models that reflect what you need to know about them (who and what they are) e.g. Industry Sectors, Size, Region etc.

You can now gather and use the information you need to interact more effectively with any organization…or to compete with them, if that is your need.

At last!…The ‘Single View’

SALESROAD provides the previously elusive ‘single view of the customer’, or any organization for that matter. Organizations are entered once into SALESROAD and once only; you then simply Relate it! it to your own organization as a customer, prospect, partner or whatever. That makes everything to do with an organization accessible from one place (the single view).

In fact, you can relate any organization to anything or anyone in SALESROAD in as many contexts as you like e.g. as subsidiary of another, owner of an asset, recipient of a service, subject of an email, prospect in an opportunity, plaintiff in a law suit, client in a project etc etc. The possibilities are literally endless.


Handle any type of organization or entity, large or small, from companies to conglomerates, departments and even teams or workgroups within the same framework. Use Relate it! to define organizational structures both yours and others.


Quickly appreciate the significance of any Organization to you by creating your own pick-list or text- entry categorization model.

Account Management

Create account management plans that have performance-based KPI’s. Nominate who in your team should have a relationship with whom in customer organizations then measure the effectiveness of those relationships. Chart your Relationship Traction ™ with any single or group of organizations (e.g. market, region etc) for an immediate read on opportunities and threats.


Powerful Filters enable you to extract information any way you want to see it. For example, combine Organization Profiles with Relationships to other SALESROAD Objects to asses Markets and Competitive activity. Then combine that with Sales Opportunity data to quantify opportunities and threats.