Products & Services

Manage information about your PRODUCTS & SERVICES

…and anyone else’s

Products and Services are the items your organization sells, buys and/or uses. They are usually the subject of Sales Leads and Opportunities and may eventually become Assets (e.g. a product once sold typically becomes an asset that someone owns). In addition, information about competitors’ products (and anyone else’s) may be managed in SALESROAD , providing a single reference source for everything to do with Products and/or Services.

‘Product Build’ functionality caters for Products that contain other Products.

Products and Services take full advantage of Relate it! functionality that enables them to be related to other SALESROAD Objects, for example the organizations that sell, support or use them.

Product Catalog

SALESROAD has a three-level Product Catalog that caters for complex multi-tier Product structures (e.g. Make>Series>Model), or just as easily, simple single-tier structures where you have only one or two products.

Price List

Maintain a standard Price List (multiple Prices lists available soon).

Related Information

Use Relate it! to link (in context) People to any other Objects such as other People either personally (e.g. friend of, sibling, influences) or professionally (e.g. reports to, relationship manager). Or to Organizations as employees, account managers, support reps etc; Sales Opportunities as buyers, influencers etc; Assets as owners,
suppliers etc. The possibilities are literally unlimited.