PROJECTS: Manage Campaigns, Events, Product Development…

SALESROAD Projects is a flexible management and communications framework for any goal oriented or time-bound activity; for example Marketing and Sales Campaigns, Product Installation and even Product Development.

Project Resources are associated with Projects via context-sensitive Relationships that clearly illustrate roles and responsibilities. Participants and other stakeholders can easily view Project activity and progress. Project Diaries link to Personal Diaries to provide an integrated planning and communications environment.

SALESROAD Projects complements scheduling tools such as MS Project, with Project Plans and other documentation able to be managed in SALESROAD as related documents.

Project Categories

Set up as many different types of Projects as you need e.g. Marketing Campaigns, Product Installation, Training etc.

Project Stages

Define stages with associated percentage completion factors, which displays with an elapsed time percentage to provide a quick indication of progress.


Projects can be related to others as sub-projects, effectively creating a project hierarchy. For example a product launch might have sub-projects such as sales training, public launch events in various locations, mail campaigns and so on.

Relate it!

Relate anything and everything that is to do with a project…in context. The possibilities are limitless.

For example, marketing campaigns will have target accounts (organizations), invitees to events (people), invitations (email), venues, caterers, contractors, presenters, sales leads generated and so. Product development will have developers (people), products, facilities and equipment (assets) etc.

Activity Management

Projects have diaries that are linked to the diaries of the people involved. An Action created for an individual involved in a project is automatically related to the project, the person required to act and the person that raised the Action. The Action can also be related to any other Objects. Actions are ‘closed’ when completed to provide
an immediate indicator of progress on the project and in particular to highlight items not completed when due.

Document Management

Project documents are related to the project and to anything else they that might relevant. Documents are automatically indexed to enable searching of content text.