• Is SALESROAD a CRM system?

    First, a little background…

    Customer Relationship Management was a business process long before it was a type of software. The advent of CRM systems reflected a drive to automate the process e.g. ‘Salesforce Automation’ (SFA), is synonymous with CRM systems.

    B2B CRM systems are organization-centric, as organizations are of course the customer, at least technically. But then what is an organization if not a collection of people? It is the people you form relationships with; they make the decisions and buy things.

    Ironically CRM systems have no concept of people nor of relationships between them. Instead, they have ‘contacts’, which are actually synonymous with job positions (albeit associated with people), which is quite different, as we explain in People.

    SALESROAD is people-centric; it is ideal for B2B organizations where Business Relationship Management is high-touch, person to person e.g. complex sales, and where there is a need to understand how organizations really work, be they customers or any other organizations.

    So, the answer to the question is in three parts...

    a) SALESROAD does what CRM systems can’t do when it comes to relationship management, and b) it also does a lot they can do e.g. Sales Opportunities and Pipeline management, Campaigns, Email, Activity Management etc. Finally c), there is much that CRM systems do that SALESROAD doesn’t do, principally automation.

    The bottom line : if your needs are principally B2B relationship management, then SALESROAD may be everything you need. If you need both automation and relationship management having SALESROAD supplement your CRM may be the right solution (e.g. we are currently integrating SALESROAD with Salesforce.com). But if your needs are principally automation (e.g. fast moving consumer goods and/or B2C), then SALESROAD may not be such a good fit.

  • Does Vestro link to SALESROAD?

    Vestro is a standalone alone app that does not link SALESROAD. However, if you have a SALESROAD subscription, the SALESROAD Mobile app provides similar functionality to Vestro, except that it does not operate standalone.

    It is in our product road map that Vestro and SALESROAD Mobile will eventually be combined into a single app. We currently have no timeline on that as there are some technical issues that we need to resolve first.

  • Can I integrate Vestro with my Calendar?

    Yes, you can have your Vestro ‘Contact Due’ reminders sent to your GMail Calendar, which you can in turn sync with your device calendar if it isn’t already.

    Bear in mind that Vestro does not create appointments, it’s role is to remind you when you need to do that, so the notices will appear in your Calendar as tasks, together with phone and email contact details