VESTRO Tutorials

VESTRO Tutorials

Tutorials on using VESTRO the Personal Network Manager Mobile App that helps you to manage, measure and grow your network of business connections.

Explains why high-trust relationships are more critical than ever before for B2B sales success and how VESTRO helps you build them.

Once you have imported your Contacts, this tutorial will get you started using VESTRO. Of your hundreds or thousands of Contacts, who are the most important, the people who by what they think and say about you will define your brand and influence? This video shows how VESTRO can help you single them out and get organized to build high-trust Partnership relationships.

The tutorials listed below automatically follow on from this tutorial

Covers the Vestro Start-up Wizard and is the place to start if you have just installed VESTRO. It covers importing Contacts from your device and/or GMail, linking contacts to their Linked In profiles and some initial VESTRO concepts.

uses your interaction with another person to provide an insight into the type of relationship you have or are building.

Explains how VESTRO arranges your Contacts information to reflect the real world with People occupying Positions in Organizations. There is no duplication and less maintenance as instead of deleting and re-entering data when people change roles, you simply ‘move’ them, which also keeps a history of where they have worked.