Sales Reps: Make every call a winner!

Do you know that your personal interaction with decision makers has more impact on your sales results than all other factors (Brand, Product, Price etc) combined?*.

Do you make an impact in every call?

VESTRO helps you self-assess your interaction with critical contacts and coaches you on how to transform each one into
a partnership a.k.a Trusted Advisor, relationship within a few calls. Have decision makers looking forward to every call!

*Study of 2,600 companies by the Sales Executive Council: The ‘Sales Experience’ accounts for 53% of Cutomer
Loyalty i.e. more than Company, Product, Price etc, combined.

Increase your Sales Effectiveness Sales Reps that build high-trust relationships with decision makers outperform all others by an order of magnitude. Vestro will help you build them.

Build your Personal Brand Your reputation is ‘out there’…defined by what your connections say about you. Take control with Vestro and build the types of connections that build your brand.

Increase your Influence People are influenced by those they trust. Vestro helps you transform your important contacts into high-trust (i.e. Trusted Advisor) partnerships.

Build the value of your Network If your connections are your most valuable professional asset, now you can manage and grow them just like your other assets.

“Designed by and for sales professionals to help them sell, that alone differentiates VESTRO from most other CRM apps out there. Assess your relationships with decision makers and get immediate coaching to win the battle for their hearts & minds. This app is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.” Nic Read, President of SalesLabs Inc. and best-selling author of ‘Selling to the C-Suite

How it Works...

Turns Contacts into Connections Transform your tab/phone contacts into a related (and quantified) network of People and Organizations.

Validates your Connections Use Vestro to assess your Relationship Traction ™ with any connection. What you measure you can manage.

Strengthens your Connections Vestro helps you to identify and focus on building Relationship Traction with your most valuable connections.

Personal Coaching Vestro provides targeted coaching tips to help you quickly grow any relationship from what it is now to one of partnership…from your next call.

Demonstrate your Value Proposition Use Vestro to show others (e.g. bosses/recruiters) just how well connected and valuable you are.

Track your Progress See your Relationship Traction ™ building with engaging feedback and illustrative charts.

Cover the Bases Sustain those important connections that are not top of mind right now with Vestro’s unique ‘Contact is Due’ reminders.

Connects to Linked In Have Contacts permanently linked to their Linked In profiles (no more searching!); even link to profiles of people you are not connected to.

…plus everything your regular Contacts Manager does and more!