Frequently Asked QuestiaWe’re sorry to hear you might be having a problem with SALESROAD or VESTRO. Some common issues are listed below in FAQ’s. If you don’t find an answer there, please raise a Support Ticket.ons


  • I get an error when installing VESTRO for Android; what do I do now?

    If you get a ‘Vestro could not be installed due to an error….’ error when trying to install VESTRO, you have unfortunately struck a known random fault with the Google Play Store (not VESTRO). Google is working on a fix, but in the meantime there is a simple workaround…

    Open your browser and click here to go to the VESTRO listing in the Play Store and click the ‘Install’ button on that page. If you are then asked which app you would like to use to download/install VESTRO, select your browser, NOT ‘Google Play Store’. If you have any problems with the install, please contact us for assistance.

  • Does VESTRO link to SALESROAD?

    VESTRO is a standalone alone app that does not link TRAXOR. However, if you have a TRAXOR subscription, the TRAXOR Mobile app provides similar functionality to VESTRO, except that it does not operate standalone.

    It is in our product road map that Vestro and TRAXOR Mobile will eventually be combined into a single app. We currently have no timeline on that as there are some technical issues that we need to resolve first.

  • Can I integrate VESTRO with my Calendar?

    Yes, you can have your VESTRO ‘Contact Due’ reminders sent to your GMail Calendar, which you can in turn sync with your device calendar if it isn’t already. You will be provided with the option of linking to your GMail Calendar when you set up a ‘Call Frequency (PAR)’

    Bear in mind that VESTRO does not create appointments, it’s role is to remind you when you need to do that, so the notices will appear in your Calendar as tasks, together with phone and email contact details

  • VESTRO or SALESROAD Mobile freezes or hangs

    Apps can hang for a variety of reasons. The following examples describe VESTRO, but they apply equally to TRAXOR Mobile

    1. Conflict with other app(s): The remedy is to close all running apps and then restart VESTRO. Then if required, start the other apps one at a time, checking if VESTRO works, between each start. By that process of elimination you should identify the conflicting app.
    2. Power saving Apps (Android): These can shut down background processes that VESTRO relies on. The remedy is to configure the Power Saver to not shut down VESTRO, or if that option is not available, shut down power save while you are using VESTRO. If that is an inconvenience, there are some excellent and inexpensive power saving apps in the Google Play Store e.g. ‘Juice Defender’ that are fully configurable.