PEOPLE-Centric Relationship Management (at last!)

Relationships are about People right? But does your CRM system know that?

‘People do business with people’, yet Information Systems don’t see it that way. They have Customers, Accounts and Contacts, but not People. Yet by definition, relationships are about people.

Your customers may be organizations, but it is their people that make decisions and with whom you interact and build relationships. They see themselves as People not as Contacts and SALESROAD lets you see them that way too; People and Positions (job roles) are separate but related (linked in context) to provide a single view of a person and their present/past roles; all without duplication!


Each person SALESROAD in SALESROAD is unique and may be related to any number of SALESROAD ‘Objects’ in any number of contexts. There is no need to duplicate anyone, so everything about anyone is accessible from one place. Social network profiles (e.g Facebook, Linked In etc) need only be linked to a person once in SALESROAD and are accessible from any position(s) the person occupies.

Now you need never lose track of anyone you have have dealt with; simply continue the relationship as they move roles or organizations.

Positions or Roles

SALESROAD Positions reflect the roles or job positions that people occupy in organizations. They can be categorized to reflect their power, authority and responsibilities in meaningful ways e.g.’Vehicle Decision Maker’, ‘Financial Systems Influencer’.

Position-related information stays with Positions so you have a continuous history of your relationship as occupants come and go. SALESROAD‘s Position records are roughly analogous to Contacts records in other systems. Occupying and vacating Positions is simply a matter of mouse clicks. No data ever needs to be re-keyed.

Privacy: Separate Personal and Business Information

With social data becoming more intermixed with enterprise business data, managing privacy is an increasing challenge. SALESROAD separation of Personal and Position information makes compliance a breeze.

People records have their own security, so access to a Position does not imply access to the occupant (Person) and their personal details. It also ensures integrity; you won’t for example have the problem of ensuring you remove personal data related to prior occupants when you update contact records!

Easy and Fast

Minimal data entry, mouse-clicks replace keyboarding to relate or un-relate people, replacing the traditional chore of deleting and re-entering contact data as people come and go.


No data duplication reduces risk of erroneous or conflicting data; focus on keeping one set of information updated, not numerous copies. Minimal data entry and deletion reduces risk of error and data ending up in the wrong places

Related Information

Use Relate it! to link (in context) People to any other Objects such as other People either personally (e.g. friend of, sibling, influences) or professionally (e.g. reports to, relationship manager). Or to Organizations as employees, account managers, support reps etc; Sales Opportunities as buyers, influencers etc; Assets as owners,
suppliers etc. The possibilities are literally unlimited.